Paperless and painless cost verification

June 16, 2021
Learn three golden rules for adopting technology in cost assurance and auditing. Discover benefits and best practices for successful implementation.

3 golden rules on adopting technology for cost assurance and auditing

1- Culture

An environment open to transparency and equitable access to data is an essential ingredient for generating consistent and structured cost information.  

This requires leadership teams to identify and deploy systems early and follow through in empowering champions to ensure adoption rates are high.  

Celebrate and recognise teams who positively contribute to this culture and support those who may be concerned about the impact of technology disrupting their existing processes.

2 - Knowledge

Communicate early and often the benefits of using technology to systematically generate cost data.  

Identify tools that are simple to use, minimise barriers and mitigate objections based on technology competencies.  

A front line operative only just replacing their Nokia 3310 needs to feel encouraged to embrace a new way of working and supported in developing their digital skills.

3 - Discipline

Turn practise into practice.  By creating a culture which embraces technology adoption and empowering teams with the knowledge to succeed a pilot project can quickly evolve into business as usual.  The time savings and efficiencies of real time reporting generate a positive feedback loop with individual users and teams wondering how they previously delivered the same outputs with outdated paper forms, digital templates or complex spreadsheets.

When these three golden rules are followed the process of cost assurance, verification and audit becomes an exercise focused on analysing the data captured rather than the current painful administrative process of identifying and transcribing site documents from multiple sources.  Distraction to site teams is minimised and opportunities for proactive and collaborative working between stakeholders, reviewing a single set of structured data rather than a collation by one party.

You don't need instructions for Netflix so why should you need them for Raildiary?  

Raildiary has been developed with these key principles in mind.

You don’t need instructions for Netflix so why would you need instructions (or training) for data capture tools on site.  Adoption is turbocharged through a simple and intuitive user experience.  We understand data and commercial reporting.  Structuring the data to match Rail Method of Measurement or other industry methods allows for simple and immediate interrogation of cost data in recognised structures.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.  Let’s embrace and accelerate the adoption of technology to capture and analyse site data, significantly improving ways of working.  Contact us today to discuss how Raildiary can generate radically different results and move to paperless and painless cost verification.

Paperless and painless cost verification

Nick Woodrow

Operations Director

A positive and outcome focused chartered civil engineer with over 20 years spent in a broad range of businesses successfully delivering complex projects & leading teams at C-level.

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