Maximising Return On Investment For Tier 1, Tier 2 & SME Clients

November 20, 2019
Learn how Raildiary's software solutions can help your business save money, win more work, and become more efficient.

We know that committing to new software solutions is an investment. To some, the upfront cost is daunting. It can be difficult to look past that to the long term returns. At Raildiary, we aim for our technology to pay for itself within the first week of each month. Everything beyond that is additional savings, income, and project value.

Here's how we do it.

Getting Paid In Full

Collating an application for payment is time-consuming when you’re pulling information from paper notes, emails, and spreadsheets. It’s frustrating and simply not an effective use of time. Often the information you spend hours compiling isn’t even detailed enough to substantiate 100% of your work.

Sitediary’s daily reports build a full timeline of every shift including working time, access, resource, and activities. The fully auditable trail substantiates all of your work, explains the reason for any hold-ups, and justifies any need for additional resources. So you don’t lose out on any income and you maintain a positive client relationship.

Winning More Work

Your ability to win future work phases depends on submitting an accurate and well-thought-out project tender. Currently, many contractors are relying solely on experience to estimate length, cost, and requirements.

Sitediary’s records of previous projects can be used to back up that experience and create more accurate tender documents.

For Example:

A client was tendering for a framework to design and install UTX and URX on behalf of a Tier 1 contractor. By using Sitediary data to review previous project outputs and risks they realized that they repeatedly encountered the same problems with this type of work but never accounted for them in the tender.

As a result, they priced the works by circa. £75-100k more than they would have before and provided a more detailed risk register based on actual events. The client placed more trust in them due to their evidence-based approach, they won the tender, and now they can deliver the works more sustainably for the business.

Being More Efficient

A breakdown in communication can cause significant delays to your project. If something goes wrong on-site you need to know before it’s too late to take action. Sitediary’s real-time project overview can help solve problems sooner, highlight inefficiencies, and improve delivery times.

By becoming more efficient you can save money on wasted resource, wasted time, or lost opportunity, to name just a few.

Other Ways To Save

Going digital doesn’t just save on the project. It’s important to take storage and print costs into account too. For example, if you usually print 2,000 pages a month, using Sitediary could save you £465.05 per year in print costs alone. That’s also equivalent to saving:

  • 64kg of waste
  • 9,721 litres of water
  • 980kg of greenhouse gases
  • 3,060,000 BTU hours of energy

Making Sure Your Investment Isn't Wasted

Too many solutions fail before they even get off the ground. Your investment will be wasted if the software isn't properly used, understood, or the users don’t buy into it.

Here at Raildiary, we provide a thorough onboarding process including in-person training, video, and a comprehensive knowledge base to answer your questions.

In conclusion, investing in new software solutions can be a daunting prospect for many businesses, but Raildiary aims to make it a profitable one.

By implementing Sitediary, companies can expect to see a return on investment within the first week of each month. From streamlining payment applications to winning more work and improving efficiency, Sitediary offers a wide range of benefits that can lead to significant cost savings and increased project value.

Additionally, Raildiary provides comprehensive onboarding and support to ensure that businesses fully realize the potential of Sitediary.

Maximising Return On Investment For Tier 1, Tier 2 & SME Clients

Emilia Oates

Marketing Lead

Marketing Lead

Raildiary LinkedIn
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