How Rail Contractors Can Stand Out In A Competitive Market

January 1, 2020
Stand out in the fiercely competitive rail construction industry with these 6 tips, including emphasizing value, communication, innovation, and more.

The rail construction industry is highly competitive, with contractors constantly searching for ways to win new frameworks. If you want to be successful and stand out from the competition, here are six tips to consider:


Maintain a strong presence at industry events and network as much as possible. This is not only a great way to meet new contacts, but also to engage with existing ones and build your credibility within the industry.

Discuss Value, Not Cost

Avoid falling into the trap of offering the lowest price in order to win contracts. Instead, focus on the value that you bring to the project and how your work differentiates from the competition. Highlight your safe procedures and quality of end result, as these are two key factors that clients look for.

Emphasise Communication

Regular, transparent progress updates are a significant selling point for clients. Poor communication can lead to payment disputes, relationship breakdowns, and even safety concerns. It is critical to maintain open communication with clients and to keep them updated at all times.

Build a Good Team

Skilled labor is becoming scarce in the rail industry, and training new talent is time-consuming and expensive. It is important to seek out and retain the best of the best to leave room for growth and talent nurturing.


Cutting-edge equipment, technology, and processes can increase your value to a client by ultimately improving project delivery and the end product. Staying up-to-date on the latest industry innovations can help set you apart from the competition.

Focus on the End Product

View projects in their entirety and think beyond your own work. This forward-thinking approach means that you and your client will be working towards the same goal, facilitating more productive planning and processes.

In conclusion, by following these six tips, you can set yourself apart from the competition in the rail construction industry. Emphasize value over cost, communicate regularly with clients, build a strong team, innovate, network, and always focus on the end product.

How Rail Contractors Can Stand Out In A Competitive Market

Will Doyle


I am an experienced RICS chartered Quantity Surveyor​ with first-hand experience of how the consistent capture and analysis of data can transform global project delivery.

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