How Asset Owners And Suppliers are achieving 10x ROI Using Raildiary To Transform Data Capture And Analysis

January 26, 2022
Learn how to get a 10x return on your software investment.

At Raildiary we understand that adopting new technology may be a daunting task. To some, the perceived  effort associated with implementing new software can make it difficult to focus on the long term financial returns a new SaaS platform may bring.

We want to minimise this uncertainty and maximise the benefits.  At Raildiary we’re confident that our customers can achieve a minimum 10x return on investment and we’re passionate about supporting them in achieving this.

Here’s how we do it …

Building a foundation of trust by making the payment application process painless for all

When suppliers are juggling paper records, emails and spreadsheets, finding information to collate applications for payments is a hugely time-consuming process. It’s extremely frustrating and an ineffective use of time as often the information compiled is not detailed enough to substantiate 100% of the work.

Raildiary’s Site Diary feature ensures that Shift Records build a full timeline of every shift to ensure the “who, what, why, where and when” of a project is fully understood.  All the data captured on site is stored securely within the cloud, ensuring a fully auditable data trail is always accessible should justification be required for any changes to the plan.. Having access to this information not only ensures that suppliers getpaid accurately and efficiently for work delivered but more importantly drives transparency, builds trust and boosts collaboration across the project team..

Improving estimates to support work winning and capturing best practice

The ability to submit an accurate and well thought out tender is critical to success in winning future work and suppliers delivering efficiently for the client. However, despite this, many contractors are still relying solely on experience to estimate the lengths, costs and requirements of new projects.

As records are stored and collated into Key Insights dashboards within the Raildiary platform, records from previous projects can be used to support past experience to deliver more accurate tender documents.

For example, a Raildiary user was collating a tender for a framework to design and install Under Track Crossings (UTX) and Under Road Crossings (URX) on behalf of a Tier 1 contractor. By using the granular, data-led insights collected on previous projects through the Raildiary platform, they were able to use historic data to identify they repeatedly encountered the same risks and problems with this type of work, but never adjusted their tender estimates accordingly.

As a result, they priced the works accordingly, £20K than they would have previously before using Raildiary, they were also able to provide a more detailed risk register supported by data from actual events. As a result of their evidence based approach, the client placed more trust in their ability to accurately deliver the project.

Raildiary allows teams to make more informed commercial decisions with quantifiable evidence to drive proactive contract administration and supply chain collaboration.

Realising long term efficiencies

Through the digitalisation of the site reporting process, Raildiary provides teams with structured commercial intelligence to unlock productivity opportunities in the rail sector.

Often, using paper and Excel processes to gather site data can quickly result in a breakdown of communication amongst teams on site, resulting in wasted time and resources. If something goes wrong on a project, it is vital this is communicated to project managers before it is too late to take action.

However, using Raildiary allows teams to turn risks into opportunities. The real time visibility of data means that teams are able to manage and mitigate delay and change in real-time, identify risks and opportunities and intervene sooner to navigate problems before they arise.

By using Raildiary, teams are able to make key decisions more quickly and proactively manage projects.

Direct savings for the bottom line and the planet

Through the digital transformation of site reporting, Raildiary sets out to change how rail projects are delivered, planned and estimated and ultimately contribute to a low carbon future. Going digital doesn’t just save on the project, but also saves you money in storage and print costs!

For example, if you usually print 2,000 pages a month for your Site Reports and documents, using Raildiary could save you £465.05 per year in print costs alone. That’s also equivalent to saving:

  • 64kg of waste
  • 9,721 litres of water
  • 980kg of greenhouse gases
  • 3,060,000 BTU hours of energy

Accelerating your return on investment through effective adoption

User experience is key to technology adoption, especially within the construction industry. Software must be quick to set up, simple to use and fully supported, from the front line to the office.

At Raildiary, we understand the importance of an effective and engaging onboarding process. We include multiple in person training sessions alongside a comprehensive knowledge base, supported with video tutorials to walk users through the product and build confidence and knowledge. By focusing our efforts on frontline staff we ensure that all users can complete a detailed Shift Report in under 3 minutes through prepopulating 64% of information in advance!

With our dedicated product specialists on hand to support the implementation process, drive adoption and maximise the benefits a 10X plus return on investment is within reach for the whole UK rail industry.  

In conclusion, the rail industry's adoption of new technologies and practices is transforming the way assets are managed and maintained. By leveraging digital solutions and focusing on sustainability, asset owners and suppliers are able to save money, improve reliability, and reduce their environmental impact. With continued investment and collaboration, the rail industry is well-positioned to achieve even greater efficiencies in the future.

How Asset Owners And Suppliers are achieving 10x ROI Using Raildiary To Transform Data Capture And Analysis

Emilia Oates

Marketing Lead

Marketing Lead

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