7 Reasons You Should Use Power BI To Harness Construction Data

October 10, 2019
 reasons why you should be using Power BI, including consolidating multiple data sources, storing large amounts of data, and customizing reports.

Power BI for Construction: 7 Reasons to Use It

If you work in construction, you know that data plays a crucial role in the success of any project. But managing, tracking, and analyzing large amounts of data can be overwhelming, especially if you're using outdated tools like Excel. That's where Power BI comes in.

Power BI is a data visualization software that allows you to connect, monitor, and share large amounts of data. Unlike Excel, it doesn't require specialist knowledge, and its intuitive interface makes it easy to create dashboards and reports specific to your job role.

Here are 7 reasons why you should consider using Power BI in construction:

1 - Consolidate Multiple Data Sources

Power BI is a data visualization software that allows you to connect to multiple data sources such as Excel and SharePoint.

It pulls your information from each source and compiles them into relevant datasets.

Having this single source of information ensures that everyone is working with the same data, even if they have different reporting methods. If you have reports coming in from different work sites, this consolidation process reduces the time spent duplicating data input.

2 - Access & Store Large Amounts Of Data

Power BI's powerful compression algorithms import data that would not be viewable in Excel or other non-bespoke software.

The software creates large datasets with access to drill-down views for more detail.

This is perfect for compiling historic data from multiple projects to predict trends and estimate more accurately.

3 - Customise Reports With Drag & Drop Modules

Pre-built modules can be used to create custom dashboards specific to your job role. So Project Managers might choose overarching project progress analysis, while a Commercial Manager focuses on budget and predicting cost overruns.

4 - Instantly Share Dashboards

Once you have created your dashboards, you can share the link with colleagues to give them a real-time view of the data.

A prime example is in logistics and asset management - allowing you to track the whereabouts and activity of your plant, labour, and materials.

5 - Spot Trends Or Anomalies

Built-in intelligence features can be used to sort your data by various dimensions and attributes.

The resulting visualizations allow you to monitor key performance indicators: spotting and predicting trends such as particular tasks taking longer than they should, which might point to training requirements or health and safety priorities.

6 - Access Power BI Dashboards From Anywhere

View your data from anywhere on your laptop or mobile device. Native apps are available, so you can access your reports whenever you have internet access.

That means no more searching through your emails, on your phone, to download the spreadsheet attachment you need.

7 - A Growing Online Community

Power BI boasts over 5 million users across more than 200,000 organizations.

Its online community is used to share tips and ideas, often specific to an industry itself. Use it to find pre-made dashboards that can monitor your construction projects, explore what the software can do, and improve your level of insight.

In conclusion, Power BI is an intuitive and sophisticated data visualization software that can help construction professionals track progress, schedules, and logistics.

By consolidating multiple data sources, accessing and storing large amounts of data, and customizing reports with drag-and-drop modules, Power BI can save you time and improve your data insights.

Additionally, Power BI's instant sharing and access from anywhere features, built-in intelligence for spotting trends or anomalies, and growing online community make it an excellent tool for construction professionals looking to gain more insights from their data.

7 Reasons You Should Use Power BI To Harness Construction Data

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Marketing Lead

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