SPL Powerlines slashes daily site reporting by 1 hour with Gather

“I truly believe the Raildiary platform should be the industry standard for all infrastructure projects to ensure project data is recorded consistently, accurately and in real-time”

Senior Commercial Manager

Alastair Ecclesfield

SPL Powerlines slashes daily site reporting by 1 hour with Gather
Project Type
Midland Main Line Electrification
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SPL Powerlines, a contractor working on the Midland Main Line Electrification (MMLE) Project - London to Corby, has successfully implemented Raildiary to streamline their reporting processes and improve project communication. By utilising Raildiary, SPL Powerlines has achieved significant time savings, slashing reporting times by 1 hour per day. By leveraging Raildiary's ability to provide consistent, high-quality project data accessible to all stakeholders, SPL Powerlines can effectively mitigate issues and utilise real data for efficient project planning and execution.

The Challenge

Before implementing Raildiary, SPL Powerlines faced a significant challenge with long administrative times on the Midland Main Line Electrification (MMLE) Project - London to Corby. Overhead Line Equipment (OLE) projects are notorious for their complexity and the SPL team previously struggled with time-consuming reporting processes on site. The previous Excel or email-based method of reporting required collating multiple documents each night, resulting in hours of extra manual work. Raildiary's fast and accurate site reporting feature proved to be a game-changer by enabling users to quickly capture key progress information and site issues, replacing laborious administrative tasks.

SPL Powerlines slashes daily site reporting by 1 hour with Gather
“The Raildiary team provided all of the onsite support that we required, going above and beyond to ensure all of our users adopted the system and maximised the value it could bring to the project. Issues and delays were easily communicated to our senior management team through automated weekly email updates and real-time Power BI dashboards." - Lean Transformation Specialist - Lee Marlow

The Solution

The collaboration between the SPL team and Raildiary has led to enhanced efficiency in data capture processes. By implementing Raildiary, the team has successfully eliminated the requirement for paperwork on-site, replacing it with a user-friendly mobile application for capturing site data. This transition has resulted in substantial reductions in administrative times and improved communication between office and site personnel, facilitating more effective collaboration within the team.

SPL Powerlines slashes daily site reporting by 1 hour with Gather

Cutting down project admin times 

The SPL project team faced challenges with multiple processes spread across various platforms, such as Word, Excel, and WhatsApp, leading to communication delays and the generation of poor-quality, unstructured data. To address this persistent issue, the team actively searched for a solution that could provide real-time data visualiszation, automated site reports, and detailed data insights for the entire team. 

Enter Raildiary, the chosen solution that has revolutioniszed the way the SPL team operates. By leveraging Raildiary, the team has successfully eliminated the need for paper in their site operations, resulting in added value and numerous benefits. Field staff can now conveniently sign task briefs digitally, document work log events accompanied by photos, and start their shifts with 64% of the record pre-populated. These advancements have significantly reduced the time spent on documenting project information, promoting a better work-life balance for the SPL team on site.

Streamlining Project Management and Empowering Data-Driven Decisions

By implementing Raildiary, SPL Powerlines has transformed their on-site information capture process, making it easier, clearer, and consolidated in one central location. This ensures the availability of clear records for the entire SPL team. Post-shift, the information captured in Raildiary undergoes thorough review to ensure its completeness and address any key issues. This consolidated data becomes the foundation for early warnings, granting stakeholders full visibility of potential issues and empowering them to make proactive project decisions. 

One of the notable benefits of Raildiary is its user-friendly data extraction, allowing the SPL team to effortlessly generate detailed reports and conduct in-depth data analysis. The platform's capabilities have also empowered SPL to compare and analysze project norms, supporting future estimating and enabling effective tracking of any obstacles that could hinder project progress, such as plant failures or client-initiated changes. Raildiary's implementation has undoubtedly enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of SPL's project management. The ease of extracting data from Raildiary has expedited the process of producing comprehensive reports and conducting insightful data analysis. 

These features have not only saved time but also provided the team with valuable insights for decision-making. SPL Powerlines can now confidently compare and evaluate production norms, enabling them to plan future projects more accurately. Moreover, Raildiary's ability to track issues and changes in real-time ensures that the project stays on track and allows for timely adjustments when needed.

Overall, Raildiary has proven to be a valuable tool for SPL Powerlines, enabling them to capture and analysze site data effortlessly. The platform's intuitive features have improved data quality, streamlined reporting processes, and facilitated informed decision-making. SPL Powerlines now havehas the necessary tools to effectively manage their projects and drive them towards successful outcomes.