Productivity soars as J Murphy & Sons integrate real-time data from Gather

“Raildiary’s simple and initiative user interface makes the whole input process incredibly easy and efficient."

Genaro Yambao

Site Manager,

Productivity soars as J Murphy & Sons integrate real-time data from Gather
J Murphy and Sons
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Chorley Flying Arches
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J. Murphy and Sons, contracted by Network Rail for slope stabilisation works, have successfully leveraged Raildiary to enhance their site operations and gain powerful data-led insights. This implementation has revolutionised their site reporting process, providing fast and accurate reporting while eliminating paper-based systems. The digital platform has facilitated seamless resource tracking, ensuring optimal allocation and utilisation. Real-time data insights have empowered informed decision-making, improved project planning, and enhanced overall project outcomes. By adopting Raildiary, J. Murphy and Sons have efficiently managed their slope stabilisation project, preserving the historic flying buttress arches and delivering exceptional results.

The Challenge

The lack of communication between the site and office teams at Murphy's, compounded by multiple processes across different platforms such as Word, Excel, and Whatsapp, had led to significant challenges. This included a communication lag and the generation of poor-quality, unstructured data. Recognizing the need for a solution that could bridge this gap and provide real-time data visualization, automated site reports, and powerful data-led insights, the innovative team at Murphy’s embarked on a search for a comprehensive solution.

Productivity soars as J Murphy & Sons integrate real-time data from Gather
“Before Raildiary we used Excel or Word for different elements of site reporting and Raildiary just rolls all that into one. It's all captured and stored in the cloud, ready for handover as part of the health and safety file. The tracking of progress on site has really improved with Raildiary as we can embed and compare against our tender Bill of Quantities. We always know where we are up to on the project and can then act accordingly." - Project Manager, Anthony Pollard

The Solution

Murphys achieved significant improvements in their reporting process and project collaboration through the adoption of Raildiary. By utilizing Raildiary's robust features and functionalities, Murphy’s successfully captured and consolidated data in a standardized manner, ensuring consistency within data captured on-site.

Through Raildiary's advanced analytics, Murphys gained valuable commercial insights that served as a solid foundation for data-driven decision-making. This enhanced visibility into project progress, resource allocation, and potential inefficiencies empowered Murphys to proactively identify and address issues, optimize project performance, and drive overall project efficiency.

Productivity soars as J Murphy & Sons integrate real-time data from Gather

Fast and accurate site reporting 

Raildiary has revolutionised J. Murphy and Sons' shift reporting process, delivering unparalleled efficiency and accuracy in site reporting.

By replacing archaic paper-based or word-processing methods, Raildiary streamlines the collection and analysis of vital rail construction site data, eliminating duplications and administrative complexities. The offline-capable Raildiary app has empowered Murphy's team to seamlessly integrate progress updates, resource allocations, and tagged photographs, creating a comprehensive and cohesive project overview. 

With automated resource allocation by role, supplier, and name, on-site teams effortlessly correlate resource and activity data, providing office-based teams with invaluable, data-driven insights directly from the site. T

he user-friendly interface, featuring intuitive drop-down menus, ensures a smooth and efficient input process, enabling Murphy and Sons to harness Raildiary's capabilities for optimized project management and enhanced decision-making.

Real-time progress metrics

Raildiary has proven to be a valuable asset for J. Murphy and Sons, particularly in the realm of real-time progress metrics. Its user-friendly interface and advanced data visualization capabilities have greatly enhanced the company's project delivery.

The availability of up-to-date information directly from the site has revolutionized their operations, providing a significant advantage. An exceptional feature is the embedded Power BI dashboards, enabling instant access to crucial project areas like actual versus planned progress, on-site plant utilization, and hours worked. By consolidating all aspects of site reporting into a streamlined platform, Raildiary eliminates the need for separate tools like Excel or Word. 

The secure storage of captured data in the cloud facilitates easy access and seamless integration into the project's health and safety file. The improved ability to track on-site progress allows for effective comparisons against the tender Bill of Quantities.

This heightened visibility ensures that J. Murphy and Sons are always well-informed about the project's status, empowering them to make prompt and well-informed decisions when needed.

In conclusion, J. Murphy and Sons' decision to adopt Raildiary for their rail project ‘Chorley Flying Arches’ , has proven to be a game-changer.

By embracing Raildiary's powerful features, they were able to streamline their site operations and access real-time progress metrics, completely revolutionizing their reporting process and eliminating the need for outdated paper-based systems.

Raildiary's implementation seamlessly facilitated resource tracking, optimizing their resource allocation and utilisation.

The ability to gain comprehensive data-led insights empowered the Murphy's team to make well-informed decisions, enhance their project planning, and achieve outstanding results.

Furthermore, Raildiary played a vital role in the successful preservation of the historic flying buttress arches while successfully completing the slope stabilization works.