ESL use Gather to improve programme performance

“Raildiary has transformed our approach to estimating”

Rowan Lewis

Managing Director

ESL use Gather to improve programme performance
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North West Electrification
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ESL, a fast-growing railway contractor, is using Raildiary to ensure predictable programme delivery enabling them to produce fast and accurate site reports and win more work through evidence-based tenders. With Raildiary, ESL is able to effectively communicate project progress, milestones, and potential delays, enhancing transparency and minimising surprises. Furthermore, ESL is able to generate comprehensive reports on project status, costs, and timelines, facilitating informed decision-making and effective communication with clients and partners. Leveraging Raildiary's evidence-based data and analytics, ESL has strengthened their position in winning tenders by showcasing the ability to deliver projects on time and within budget.

The Challenge

Prior to deploying Raildiary, ESL encountered a range of challenges that had significant impacts on project visibility, risk management, their team’s work-life balance and overall operational efficiency. One of the major obstacles they faced was the time-consuming process of completing site documentation, which not only demanded a considerable amount of time and effort but also encroached upon the personal lives of the team. This traditional approach to managing paperwork not only affected their well-being but also took a toll on the team's productivity and motivation. 

In addition, ESL grappled with the lack of a centralised project management tool, which hindered their ability to effectively communicate project progress, milestones, and potential delays to stakeholders. This lack of transparency resulted in misunderstandings, misalignment, and an increased risk of unexpected surprises during project execution. Identifying bottlenecks, addressing issues promptly, and optimising project timelines and resources became difficult for the team without a comprehensive data management solution. As a result, ESL found it challenging to meet project deadlines and deliver optimal performance.

ESL use Gather to improve programme performance

The Solution

Raildiary proved to be a game-changer for ESL, effectively addressing their challenges in work-life balance, project visibility, risk management, and overall efficiency.

By significantly reducing site documentation time and enabling on-site completion, Raildiary had a profound impact on improving the work-life balance of ESL employees. The platform's real-time communication capabilities for project progress and milestone updates greatly enhanced project visibility, fostering collaboration and minimising surprises

With close call documentation and auditable data, Raildiary facilitated proactive issue management and risk mitigation. Leveraging past project records for accurate tender documents promoted long-term learning, while instant reporting and efficient data management saved valuable time and costs, ensuring timely and reliable project delivery.

ESL use Gather to improve programme performance
“Raildiary has transformed our approach to estimating, we previously struggled with understanding outputs and often had to price in lots of risks to mitigate against any uncertainties. With Raildiary, our estimating is based upon actual data from our projects so that we can understand outputs and resource requirements for each task. We can even dig in to how this is impacted by access constraints and weather conditions. Raildiary allows ESL to price risk much better, meaning we can provide greater programme certainty and a better value offering to our clients.”- Rowan Lewis ESL Director

Improving work-life balance 

Raildiary has played a pivotal role in enhancing the work-life balance of ESL's site teams. By reducing the daily time spent on site documentation from an hour to three minutes, Raildiary has effectively eliminated the need for employees to bring paperwork home and sacrifice precious personal time as all data collected on-site is available to office teams in real time.

Additionally, the platform's real-time functionality has also eliminated the laborious process of organising paperwork and numbering images captured on site.

This streamlined approach allowed site teams to concentrate more on their core work and devote less time to administrative duties. 

Additionally, Raildiary provided comprehensive project visibility to all stakeholders, fostering efficient communication and obviating the necessity for project managers to make phone calls following arduous shifts.

By using Raildiary to consistently capture high-quality, auditable data, ESL's site teams were reassured that their work was thoroughly documented and accessible to the office-based team, thereby alleviating the paperwork burden and optimising project management processes.

Overall, Raildiary substantially contributed to enhancing the work-life balance of ESL's site teams by minimising administrative tasks, increasing project visibility, and facilitating improved communication and collaboration.

Long term learning

ESL has leveraged Raildiary for long-term learning and continuous improvement across its project portfolio.

By utilising the platform's Key Insights dashboards, records from previous projects are stored and collated, providing valuable data for estimating future projects. This has enabled ESL to submit accurate and enhanced tender documents, increasing their chances of winning new work and ensuring efficient delivery for clients.

Raildiary's transformational impact on ESL's estimating process is evident, as they no longer struggle with understanding project outputs and can mitigate uncertainties by basing estimates on actual data. 

The platform allows ESL to analyse how issues such as access constraints and adverse weather conditions affect project outcomes and resource requirements, enabling them to price risks more accurately.

As a result, ESL is able to provide greater programme certainty and deliver better value offerings to its clients. Raildiary has become an essential tool for ESL, supporting their growth and enabling them to secure more projects while continuously enhancing their estimating capabilities based on past experience and data-driven insights.

Raildiary has played a pivotal role in revolutionising ESL's operations, bringing about transformative changes in work-life balance, project visibility, risk management, and overall efficiency.

By implementing Raildiary, ESL has experienced a significant reduction in site documentation time, freeing up valuable hours for employees to dedicate to their personal lives and spend quality time with their families.

The platform's real-time communication capabilities and robust auditable data features have greatly enhanced project visibility and facilitated proactive issue management, enabling ESL to stay on top of potential risks and challenges. 

Furthermore, by leveraging the data stored in past project records collected within the platform, Raildiary has empowered ESL to improve estimating accuracy and deliver more precise tender documents, positioning them as reliable and informed contractors.

The time and cost savings realised through Raildiary's streamlined processes and efficient data management have not only driven improved project delivery but also empowered ESL to make well-informed decisions, mitigate risks, and seize new opportunities.