Balfour Beatty and TFL use Gather to close the communication gap

“Raildiary has made the whole site reporting process much more streamlined and offers us a much more efficient way for site staff to communicate.”

Vidandha Galgamuwa

Innovation Manager

Balfour Beatty and TFL use Gather to close the communication gap
Balfour Beatty and Transport For London
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Ealing Common Depot
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The Integrated Track Team consisting of Balfour Beatty and Transport For London delivered critical renewals work at Ealing Common Depot. The works were completed during a three-week blockade and formed an integral part of the wider portfolio of work being delivered by this collaborative partnership. The team deployed Raildiary to benefit from data-driven project management best practices and enhance communication channels. This was the foundation for a collaborative approach to capturing and communicating site data, including work activities, resource allocation and working times. Raildiary has become mission-critical, replacing manual processes and disjointed reporting methods to deliver immediate and long-term value for both contractor and client.

The Challenge

Undertaking large-scale infrastructure transformation projects entails navigating communication lags and fostering collaboration amongst delivery partners from diverse disciplines, work packages and worksites. 

The Integrated Track Team encountered the obstacle of establishing seamless cooperation and a unified approach across the Ealing Common Depot project. Data collection on the project was scattered across different platforms including Whatsapp groups, email threads and SMS messages. This fragmented approach emphasised the necessity of adopting a standardised solution that could be utilised by site and office teams on the project.

Balfour Beatty and TFL use Gather to close the communication gap

The Solution

Recognising the importance of efficiency and positive outcomes, The Integrated Track Team made the strategic decision to implement Raildiary as a standardised data-capturing process encompassing resource allocation, activities, working times and delays. By doing so, The Integrated Track Team have fostered a harmonious and efficient working relationship between staff.

The introduction of consistent and reliable data streaming from the worksite has proven to be transformative. Armed with this valuable resource, the team can now make well-informed decisions, swiftly identify opportunities for improvement, and significantly enhance communication channels. This real-time data flow has revolutionized the way information is shared and exchanged within the team, ensuring accurate and up-to-date insights are readily accessible. As a result, the Integrated Track Team team can operate with greater efficiency, fostering collaboration, and maximising productivity towards achieving their project goals.

Balfour Beatty and TFL use Gather to close the communication gap
“Everyone loves using the Raildiary app to complete site diaries! It saves us time and improves our communication” - Terence Church - Senior Supervisor

Bridging Communication Gaps 

Previously, the Integrated Track Team working at the North Ealing site faced the challenge of grappling with both Excel and paper records for capturing site data. Unfortunately, these systems hindered progress as information couldn't be updated or communicated in real-time, leading to communication delays for office staff. 

Fortunately, introducing Raildiary as an innovative digital solution has alleviated these reporting obstacles. The Raildiary app has enabled the team to bid farewell to cumbersome paper site records, significantly improving their work-life balance. No longer do they need to return to the office at the end of the day to scan site documents, as this outdated practice is now a thing of the past. 

Moreover, at Raildiary, we recognise the power of visuals, and the team at Balfour Beatty and TFL wholeheartedly agree. The ability to upload geotagged images to site reports has revolutionised collaboration and understanding between staff working different shifts day and night. Terrance Church, Senior Supervisor at the North Ealing site, emphasises the positive impact, stating, "It's almost like having them on-site with us, which has significantly improved communication." Consequently, Raildiary has provided the Balfour Beatty team with a fresh and innovative approach to site reporting and data analysis.

 As a result, project visibility has been completely transformed, enabling different teams to collaborate and communicate on real-time data sets. This newfound visibility has not only enhanced internal coordination but also facilitated clear communication and collaboration with stakeholders. With real-time information flowing from the site, the team can promptly identify potential issues and take corrective action, preventing any unwelcome surprises in the future. 

This proactive approach has fostered more effective conversations and a deeper understanding of the project's progress. Improved project visibility has also brought significant benefits beyond stakeholder relationships. It has empowered the team to manage resources more efficiently, plan workloads effectively, and make informed decisions based on data.

“Anyone on our project can view site data now. Whether you’re commercial, procurement or project management, everyone has an insight as to what’s occurring on site which has resulted in more of an appreciation for the work we’re doing” - Vidandha Galgamuwa - Innovation Manager

Mitigating Future Problems and Delays 

By implementing Raildiary and harnessing the power of data, the Balfour Beatty team has successfully mitigated future problems and delays on the Ealing Common Depot Project. With Raildiary's streamlined data capture and utilisation solution, the team has gained valuable insights and tools that have empowered them to drive efficiency and ensure project success.

One of the key ways Raildiary has helped mitigate future delays is by providing a consistent and reliable source of real-time data from the work site. With access to accurate and timely information on resource allocation, activities, working times, and delays, the project and commercial management teams can make data-driven decisions. They are now able to proactively identify potential issues before they escalate into major problems, allowing them to take corrective action swiftly and collaboratively with supply chain partners and subcontractors. By addressing challenges in a timely manner, the team can prevent delays and keep the project on track.

Raildiary's data capture capabilities have also enabled the Balfour Beatty and TFL teams to improve project visibility and stakeholder engagement. By capturing high-quality data seamlessly, the team can keep stakeholders informed about the project's progress, potential issues, and any necessary adjustments. This improved communication and collaboration not only helps to manage expectations but also facilitates proactive conversations, leading to a better understanding of the project's status and potential risks. By involving stakeholders in the decision-making process and leveraging real-time data, the team can mitigate future delays and ensure smooth project delivery.

Furthermore, Raildiary's automated scoring system has been instrumental in identifying areas for improvement and optimisation. The platform automatically evaluates each record for access, productivity, and overall efficiency, allowing the team to quickly identify bottlenecks and implement necessary changes. This data-led approach enables the team to continuously refine their processes, enhance productivity, and minimise the likelihood of delays occurring in the future.

Overall, the implementation of Raildiary and the team's access to data have provided Balfour Beatty with a comprehensive solution to mitigate future problems and delays. By capturing reliable data, making informed decisions, and fostering collaboration, the team has established a proactive and efficient project management approach. Raildiary's contribution to the project's success showcases its value as a tool that empowers teams to drive efficiencies, optimise resource allocation, and deliver projects on time and within budget.

In conclusion, the case study of the Integrated Track Team's implementation of Raildiary for the Ealing Common Depot project demonstrates the transformative power of data-driven project management practices and enhanced communication channels. The challenge of establishing seamless cooperation and a unified approach across the project was addressed by adopting Raildiary as a standardised data-capturing process. This decision has fostered a harmonious and efficient working relationship between staff, enabling the team to operate with greater efficiency, collaboration, and productivity.

By bridging communication gaps, Raildiary has eliminated the need for scattered platforms like WhatsApp groups, email threads, and SMS messages, streamlining the reporting process and providing real-time insights. The introduction of consistent and reliable data streaming has revolutionised information sharing within the team, ensuring accurate and up-to-date insights are readily accessible. This has significantly improved project visibility, facilitating effective coordination, and collaboration both internally and with stakeholders. With real-time information flowing from the site, potential issues can be promptly identified and addressed, mitigating future problems and delays.