Transforming Project Delivery With Barhale at Finsbury Park

"Understanding progress on-site in real-time allowed me to boost collaboration when liaising with our client and seek constructive and positive outcomes"

Jaimie Lawson

Contracts Manager

Transforming Project Delivery With Barhale at Finsbury Park
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Barhale, a company experienced in major infrastructure projects, faced new challenges and opportunities when they entered the rail industry. To stay ahead in this dynamic industry, they sought innovative solutions to streamline their project management processes and improve collaboration with clients. This is where they discovered Gather,. With its real-time data capture and automation capabilities, Gather has helped Barhale mitigate project risks and deliver high-quality work on time and within budget. In this case study, we'll take a closer look at how Barhale used Gather on the Finsbury Park project.

The Challenge

Barhale has recently ventured into the rail industry by taking on projects with Network Rail. This transition has brought new challenges and opportunities for the company.

To overcome these obstacles and succeed in the rail industry, Barhale has been implementing new technologies and processes, such as Raildiary, to streamline project management and improve collaboration with clients. This is crucial as Barhale takes on more complex projects and expands their operations.

Previously, the project team at Barhale relied on a system involving emails, WhatsApp, and Excel shift reports for internal reporting. This process was time-consuming and prone to errors, resulting in poor quality datasets and difficulties in tracking progress accurately. The use of multiple systems for reporting also made it harder for team members to collaborate and share information effectively.

One of the major projects Barhale took on was the installation of two lift shafts, alterations to the platform canopy, and creation of new entrances between existing tunnel passageways for Network Rail’s ‘Access for All Scheme.' This project presented significant challenges in terms of access constraints, but Barhale was determined to deliver a successful outcome.

The ground-breaking ceremony for the project, led by  Jeremy Corbyn in December 2021

showcased the importance of infrastructure projects like this and the challenges faced by companies like Barhale in delivering them.

Transforming Project Delivery With Barhale at Finsbury Park

The Solution

As Barhale expanded into the rail industry, they were faced with new challenges and opportunities that required them to adapt quickly. In order to keep up with the demands of this dynamic industry, Barhale sought out innovative solutions that could streamline their project management processes and improve collaboration with clients.

That's when they discovered Raildiary - a powerful platform that has become a key tool for Barhale in their quest to conquer the rail industry. With its easy-to-use reporting function for day and night teams, Raildiary has helped the company stay on top of their game and deliver successful outcomes for their clients.

One of the biggest advantages of Raildiary is its ability to capture real-time data and automate the creation of detailed reports and key metrics. This has allowed Barhale to proactively identify and mitigate project risks, enabling them to stay ahead of potential issues and deliver high-quality work on time and within budget.Thanks to Raildiary, Barhale has been able to communicate with Network Rail in a more collaborative and effective way. This has helped to build a stronger relationship between the two companies, and has given Barhale the confidence to take on even more complex projects in the future. In fact, Network Rail has been so impressed with Raildiary that they described it as a "solid, collaborative way to communicate issues." This endorsement has further solidified Barhale's position as a leading player in the rail industry, and has given them a competitive edge over other companies in the field.

As Barhale continues to expand their portfolio of rail projects, they know that Raildiary will be an essential tool for their success. With its powerful reporting capabilities and collaborative features, Raildiary has become an indispensable asset for Barhale - one that will help them achieve even greater heights in the years to come.

Transforming Project Delivery With Barhale at Finsbury Park
‘The best thing about Raildiary is that it allowed site staff to do shift reports on our mobile phones. They are really simple and straightforward to complete and I knew that the right information was submitted to the project management team. It’s a one-stop shop for reporting.’ - Chris Wright, Senior Foreman

Standardising site reporting across the project

The implementation of Raildairy has helped to streamline the data collection process and improve the accuracy and quality of data.

Supervisors found that using Raildiary Shift Records was easy, allowing them to quickly capture the necessary information and move on with their work. It also meant that they could go home at the end of their shift, rather than spending extra time adding data to Excel spreadsheets. Long gone are  the days of emails, WhatsApp and Excel shift reports. No more spelling errors and inconsistencies resulting in unreliable information.

The use of Raildiary has made it much easier for the Barhale team to benchmark data and track progress on the project. It has also improved collaboration and communication among team members by providing a single, centralized platform for reporting. This has been especially important given the complexity of the project and the need for frequent communication with the client.

‘Raildiary has transformed the way we capture data out on site. Previously, Excel templates led to inconsistent and unstructured site diaries and adding photos was difficult. Our supervisors now add everything onto the Raildiary app whilst on shift, resulting in valuable real-time site data and improved visibility. The way that we now capture detailed timings of possessions has made my life so much easier - substantiation of works complete and evidencing delays without the hours of admin I previously had to deal with!’ Fergal Nolan, Senior Quantity Surveyor

Proactively and collaboratively mitigating risk

Complicated projects often bring along challenges. Finsbury Park Station is a major transport interchange between National Rail, and TfL tube and bus services, commonly hitting 30 million passengers per annum. Having a simple, clear way to communicate and evidence issues with the client was the key to a successful outcome. Barhale’s commercial team used real-time data to proactively understand and mitigate risk on the project by collaborating with the client.

Collaboration and communication is incredibly important on a project like this, particularly when teams are working from various locations across the country. Since Raildiary is fully cloud-based and updates automatically, teams benefit from having access to the right data at the right time. Getting stuck into the detail without chasing colleagues really allowed teams to make effective decisions and cultivate a best practice to aid Barhale’s dive into the rail industry.

The use of Raildiary's Siteview function allowed Barhale to quickly and easily access real-time information about the project, including images captured on-site by field staff. This helped to improve collaboration and communication between the contractor and client, as both parties were able to see exactly what was happening on the ground. Additionally, by overlaying the images with Access Points and Lines of Route, Barhale was able to gain a more complete understanding of the site asset conditions and make informed decisions about how to proceed with the project.

To learn more about Raildiary’s Siteview function click here.

‘Raildiary has allowed us to streamline our site reporting process. The supervisors found it really straightforward to collect data once the system had been set up which was important to me. The onboarding process was smooth and I am keen to take lessons learnt and best practices onto other projects where the same reporting can be applied. Understanding progress on site in real-time allowed me to boost collaboration when liaising with our client and seek constructive and positive outcomes’ - Jaimie Lawson, Contracts Manager

Improved project visibility

Having visibility into a project is crucial for its success, but it can also be time-consuming. That's where Raildiary comes in. By capturing shift reports through the platform, Barhale has been able to to significantly reduce the administrative burden on its office teams. This has not only saved time, but has also improved the quality and consistency of the data. The team are now able to spend less time collating reports and more time gaining a deeper understanding of the project's details across both day and night shifts.

Raildiary was implemented on the project for the benefit of both the contractor and their client, Network Rail. This relationship was based on visibility and collaboration, and Raildiary helped to foster that by providing real-time data that was clearly presented in the platform's reports section. This has allowed for more productive conversations about the project, as subjectivity has been removed  from the data.

In addition, Raildiary's integration with PowerBi has given Barhale access to real-time key metrics and the ability to drill down into the details behind them. Data-driven insights on access, delays, and progress helped the commercial team to fully grasp the project. Overall, Raildiary has played a crucial role in supporting both Barhale's and Network Rail’s project team in their work.

In conclusion, this case study highlights the importance of effective communication and collaboration in project management. The project team faced various challenges, including scope creep, lack of clarity in project goals, and poor communication among team members, which resulted in delays and increased costs. However, through the implementation of effective project management techniques, such as regular meetings, clear communication channels, and project documentation, the team was able to overcome these challenges and deliver a successful project. It is essential for project managers to have a thorough understanding of the project scope, clear goals, and open lines of communication with the team members to ensure that the project is completed within the set timelines and budget.