Gather enables Amey to drive productivity through predictable project delivery

“Using Raildiary has been a slicker and quicker process to get all our on-site reporting in one place”

Marianna Wotton

Assistant Project Manager

Gather enables Amey to drive productivity through predictable project delivery
Amey Rail
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Brent Cross
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Raildiary is enabling Amey Rail, a leading infrastructure and engineering company, to drive productivity and streamline communications across the complex, multidisciplinary Brent Cross Project.

The Challenge

The project team were wrestling with multiple processes across various platforms including Word, Excel and Whatsapp, resulting in a communication lag and poor quality, unstructured data. The innovative team at Amey wanted to find a solution to this problem which would provide the whole project with real-time data visualisation, automated site reports and powerful data-led insights.

Gather enables Amey to drive productivity through predictable project delivery
“Before Raildiary we were updating our team on our completed works via Microsoft Teams or Whatsapp groups. We had separate processes for monitoring resource and labour and two different forms that needed to be filled out” - Mark Fowley, Construction Manager

The Solution

The Amey team at Brent Cross partnered with Raildiary to maximise the efficiency of their data capture process. 

Since implementing Raildiary, the team have eliminated the need for paperwork on-site and are now able to capture site data in one, simple-to-use mobile application. As a result, admin times are now significantly reduced and communication has been boosted between office and site staff, allowing the team to work together more effectively.

Gather enables Amey to drive productivity through predictable project delivery
“ Using Raildiary has made it a quicker and slicker process to get all our site records in one place. It literally saves us about 2 hours a day and has made it a lot quicker to update what’s going on as it happens” - Sorwar Hussain, Site Supervisor

Hassle-free Onboarding 

Rolling out technology to site and office-based teams can be a lengthy and complicated process. Raildiary prides itself on being simple to use and quick to deploy, with all setup and training conducted online and through the collaboration portal.  

A speedy training cycle for site-based teams means Raildiary can be implemented quickly across multiple sites and ensure consistent workflows and structured project data feeds back to office staff. Raildiary focuses on user experience with adoption by site staff critical to success.  The site team at Brent Cross embraced using a digital solution, where previous paper processes had slowed them down and distracted them from more valuable tasks.

“Implementation of Raildiary is really easy. We had lots of support from our Raildiary Account Manager who walked us through how to get set up and use the platform. The guys on site found the app really easy to use, you don’t have to be an IT expert to get the hang of it, it's really simple” - Mark Fowley, Construction Manager

Fast and Paperless Site Reporting 

The Amey project team were grappling with multiple processes, spread across diverse platforms such as Word, Excel and Whatsapp, resulting in a communication lag and poor quality unstructured data. In a bid to tackle this ongoing issue, the Amey team sought a solution which was able to provide real-time data visualisation, automated site reports and granular data insights to the whole team. 

Raildiary has enabled the Amey team to eliminate paper from their site operations, thereby adding even more value. With this digital tool field staff can now digitally sign task briefs, document work log events with photos and arrive on site with 64% of their shift record pre-populated. This has led to significant reductions in the amount of time spent documenting project information, which has not only resulted in a better work-life balance for the Brent Cross team but also has positive environmental implications in reducing carbon on site. 

Aligning Data With Standard Methods Of Measurement In Real-Time 

The biggest impact of Raildiary on the Brent Cross Project has been providing teams with the capability to capture and store data in the cloud, which is then aligned in real time with the Rail Method of Measurement (RMM). Additionally, this is further aligned with the project Bill of Quantities and Activity Schedule, providing Quantity Surveyors and Commercial Managers an increased ability to drill down into project data and make effective and informed decisions. 

This not only helps to keep projects on track but also helps to promote communication between site and office teams as everyone on the project has a clear and correct understanding of events occurring on-site, which can be substantiated with geotagged and time-stamped photos. Additionally, using Raildiary has given the Brent Cross team the ability to make accelerated and effective decisions and augment their decision-making for future project plans based on historic data captured on site. 

Implementing Raildiary has allowed the Amey Team working on the Brent Cross project to drive productivity on-site by providing them with granular data insights. 

The adoption of Raildiary has facilitated the seamless capture and sharing of high-quality data, eliminating the need and hassle of tedious paperwork and multiple processes. 

By having a dependable source of project data, the Amey team has been able to make informed project decisions, identify areas for improvement and streamline communication channels.