Alma Rail transform their KPI reporting using Gather

"Allows shift details and track inspection output to be recorded in real-time it’s a massive time saver for us and keeps our clients happy.”

Richard Walker

Managing Director

Alma Rail transform their KPI reporting using Gather
Alma Rail
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Rail Depot Maintenance
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Alma, a specialist in rail track engineering and maintenance, employs Raildiary for multiple projects in different locations. At Llandudno Junction, Raildiary facilitates reactive and preventative maintenance across three sites. It is also utilised in the Breedon CapEx 2021 and Arriva Train Care CapEx projects. The implementation of Raildiary has revolutionised Alma's KPI reporting, automating data capture and generating informative reports and dashboards for proactive decision-making. Experience the transformative power of Raildiary in optimizing rail track operations.

The Challenge

Alma’s project management team set out to improve the communication lag between office staff and clients. The use of paper and Excel records meant overprocessing data taking up valuable management resources. The team at Alma recognised that this was a time-intensive method of data collection that was limiting project progress and started searching for a solution. 

Additionally, the lack of data being collected in a structured and consistent manner on-site meant that the team at Alma were unable to track project KPIs effectively. As a result, project progress was limited, as the team were unable to actively monitor and measure the planned and actual progress of the project in real-time and were able to make effective decisions to solve project issues impacting progress.

Alma Rail transform their KPI reporting using Gather

The Solution

By adopting Raildiary across their project portfolio, Alma Rail has successfully implemented a consistent and streamlined reporting process, resulting in the ability to proactively monitor and measure KPIs in real-time, whilst making collaborative decisions to drive project progress.

Leveraging Raildiary’s advanced analytics and reporting tools, Alma gained valuable commercial insights surrounding access issues, worker efficiency and productivity. This enhanced visibility into issues impacting project progress, and empowered Alma to proactively identify and address issues, driving the overall efficiency of the project to new heights.

Alma Rail transform their KPI reporting using Gather
"Raildiary has been a game-changer for us at Alma Rail. The ability to record shift details and track inspection output in real-time is a massive time saver. It keeps our clients happy and allows us to make informed decisions promptly. With Raildiary's automated KPI reporting, we have streamlined our processes, improved communication, and accelerated project progress. The powerful data-led insights and real-time visibility have transformed the way we work. I highly recommend Raildiary to any rail company looking to enhance efficiency and deliver exceptional results." - Richard Walker, Director, Alma Rail.

Automated KPI Reporting 

Integrating Raildiary into Alma Rail's project management process has successfully streamlined and automated their KPI reporting, resulting in improved communication and accelerated project progress. Alma recognized the need to bridge communication gaps between office staff and clients, as the reliance on paper and Excel records was time-consuming and limited project efficiency.

With Raildiary's real-time visibility of site records, close calls, and geotagged media, Alma's team gained access to powerful data-led insights, enabling them to make informed decisions promptly and mitigate delays. The ability to instantly access project data in real-time through Raildiary's key insights and dashboards feature has been the single biggest impact for Alma. By significantly reducing manual data collection and analysis, Alma can proactively monitor key performance indicators, identify trends, and turn risks into opportunities. Additionally, Raildiary has improved communication with clients through collaboration and real-time progress updates, allowing proactive notifications of any variances and reasons behind them. 

By streamlining site reporting across projects with one scalable solution, Alma has eliminated manual data management issues and saved valuable time. The use of iPads and the Raildiary app has transformed the project reporting process, reducing admin tasks and providing a clearer picture of on-site events. With Raildiary's automation capabilities, Alma can ensure consistent reporting aligned with standard measurement methods, manage projects and team performance benchmarking and maintain accurate Cost Value Reconciliation reports through direct integration with shift record data captured on-site.

Bridging communication gaps between site and office teams 

Alma Rail's project management team recognised the need to improve communication between their office staff and clients, as traditional methods using paper and Excel records resulted in significant administrative burden and hindered project progress. Implementing Raildiary across multiple projects has provided Alma Rail's entire team, regardless of location or role, with powerful data-led insights. This increased visibility has transformed the way the team collaborates and communicates, both internally and with stakeholders. With real-time information flowing from the site, potential issues can be promptly identified and addressed, mitigating delays in the future.

Raildiary's comprehensive reporting capabilities have also significantly improved communication and decision-making. By bringing all work communication into one place, teams stay on the same page and make decisions more quickly. Furthermore, Raildiary offers instant access to comprehensive reports, reducing the need for shuffling spreadsheets. Manual data processing has been replaced with automated progress tracking and stakeholder updates, saving the Alma team time and minimising back-and-forth communication.

Raildiary's features have also enhanced communication with clients. The team is now able to utilise the platform to collaborate and provide real-time progress updates. For instance, by sending Raildiary Progress Summary Reports, Alma Rail proactively informs clients of any variances between planned and actual works completed, providing transparent explanations in real-time.

Alma Rail's adoption of Raildiary has successfully bridged communication gaps, streamlined reporting processes, and provided the team with real-time data visibility. Through this innovative digital solution, Alma Rail has achieved enhanced collaboration, quicker decision making, and improved project outcomes.

In conclusion, Alma Rail has successfully implemented Raildiary across their range of maintenance and CAPEX projects, revolutionising their KPI reporting process and improving communication between site and office teams. 

The real-time visibility of site data, close calls, and automated shift scores has empowered the team to make informed decisions promptly and mitigate delays. With Raildiary's comprehensive reporting capabilities, Alma Rail has bridged communication gaps, internally and with clients, leading to enhanced collaboration and proactive project decisions.