Unlocking the potential of people and information by embracing digital technologies – be more like Serena!

March 1, 2022
Learn valuable lessons from Serena Williams and apply them to the rail industry.

Unlocking the potential of people and information by embracing digital technologies – be more like Serena!

At Raildiary our mission is to unlock the potential of people and information allowing them to do in seconds what currently takes hours, days and weeks.

But what ensures that this potential is met and teams maximise the benefit of powerful technologies?

Through the use and feedback on Raildiary we’ve identified that a combination of knowledge, discipline and culture are essential for maximising the value of any technology platform. An often overlooked element that binds these three themes is practise and training.

In Matthew Syed’s book Bounce, he describes how excellence and success is not driven by natural talent but by effort and practise. To become world class in any sport, or area of skilful endeavour, requires the equivalent of 10,000 hours of training, about 10 years of practise. It’s not just about relentless training, those wishing to achieve elite mastery of any skill must practise with purpose.

Tiger Woods started playing golf at 2, Serena started playing Venus at tennis when she was 3. They would hit a million tennis balls a year!

Now how does this relate to embracing construction technologies?

All too often we see change projects adopted to deliver a technology platform which doesn’t deliver effective results because people haven’t been given effective training and the opportunity to practise. People must be given the opportunity to practise with purpose.

Fortunately we don’t all need to complete 10 years’ worth of training to become world class, subject matter experts in construction technology. However we do need to support teams deploying this technology in the same way athletes may take up a new sport.

The critical success factors are the same –

  • Purposeful practise –

deploy technology with a purpose and train people with purpose. Use sandpit areas and practice projects to replicate the real world.

  • Environment shapes success –

give teams the tools to succeed, time for training, the right hardware and share successes.

  • Quality feedback –

this is where coaching and training is vital to support people in changing their ways of working – “if you don’t know what you are doing wrong, you can never know what you are doing right.”

At Raildiary we support businesses in capturing and analysing site data by delivering world class technology solutions, and equally importantly, supporting those using them with effective training and purposeful practice.

Learn more about Raildiary here:  Raildiary Walkthrough

Unlocking the potential of people and information by embracing digital technologies – be more like Serena!

Nick Woodrow

Operations Director

A positive and outcome focused chartered civil engineer with over 20 years spent in a broad range of businesses successfully delivering complex projects & leading teams at C-level.

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