October 2023 Product Update 🚀

October 31, 2023
Discover the October Shift Records Revolution - Calendar View, Podcast, Power Bi, and Fatigue Management!

October brings the highly anticipated release of our brand new Calendar View, designed to redefine the way you manage and organise your Shift Records. This release is crafted to streamline your workflow, empowering you to pinpoint your un-submitted Shift Records in a matter of seconds ensuring that no Shift Record misses a submission!

Calendar View

We have now released our highly requested Calendar View! This feature will allow you to really easily organise and streamline your Shift Records by filtering them by day, week, or month.

This feature allows you to effortlessly view and manage past, present, and future shifts, enhancing your shift management capabilities. Additionally, each shift is colour-tagged based on its status, ensuring that your records are always up to date and you never miss a submission.

✅ Improved visual clarity and accuracy

✅ Streamlined shift management

✅ Efficient shift organisation

Calendar View

Summary Report Filter Update

We've enhanced your reporting processes by configuring the default setting for your Summary Reports to 'Last 30 days,' optimising your Summary Reports to retrieve more current and pertinent data. This improvement enhances the way you manage and report on various facets of your project as you can always rely on the most relevant data to be readily available to you. 

✅ Efficient and Streamlined Reporting 

✅ Aligns with your reporting calendar 

✅ Understand patterns and trends of your most current data


Fatigue Checking

When adding your labour into Shift Planner the system will now ask you to to check for any exceedances before going ahead and saving them with automatically calculated exceedances. 

Shift Planner Validation 

When copying and pasting labour resource into Shift Planner, from an external spreadsheet, the platform now checks the Labour Supplier and Labour Name against the data source list. All fields have to be validated in the labour resource list for them to be successfully saved and pre-populated.

🥁Coming up… 

Enhanced Labour Control

We understand that bigger projects where you’re managing hundreds of different people, labour suppliers and roles, shouldn't mean a bigger admin hassle. Therefore, we are changing how managing labour in Gather works this quarter, now allowing users to create an enhanced labour profile for each individual including key attributes, rates, roles and determining which projects they can work on. 

To encompass this information we are actively in the process of designing a corresponding report to integrate with these changes. This report will serve as a pivotal tool for streamlining labour cost administration and empowering well-informed decision-making processes.

✅ Manage labour teams centrally at scale

✅ Real-time labour costing

✅ Detailed cost analysis


Our upcoming update, Workview, is the latest addition to our pipeline! With this feature, Project Administrators and higher-tier users will gain access to a neatly organised table that provides comprehensive project insights for all your assigned projects. 

This valuable information is already being gathered within the Gather platform, and this update will enable you to effortlessly digest this essential data.

✅ Easily understand Compliance 

✅ Streamline information integration with filters 

✅ Access key information in seconds

October 2023 Product Update 🚀

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