July 2023 Product Update 🚀

July 31, 2023
Discover Gather 's July 2023 updates: Automating EVA Podcast, Enhanced User Permissions, Shift Reports via Sitediary, & Improved Fatigue Reporting

For this month's product update, we have made the process for sharing Shift Records even more simple by unlocking the power to share PDFs via site diary as well as making some significant changes to our User Permissions, allowing you to take more control over the management of your infrastructure projects.

We have also made many small tweaks and improvements to optimise your Gather experience.

Here are some of the updates that we have launched…

  • A brand new podcast on Automating Earned Value Analysis 
  • Changes to our Users Permissions
  • Sharing Shift Reports Using Sitediary 
  • Improved key Insight Reporting for Fatigue 

Automating EVA Podcast 

Discover valuable insights in Gather's latest podcast episode, where our Customer sSuccess expert, Mia Rutherford, and CEO, William Doyle, dive deep into the world of automated EVA!
In this engaging episode, we uncover the significance of EVA in project management and discuss essential tips and tricks on how to leverage automation to maximise the data captured on-site.

✅ Understand EVA

✅ Discover some top EVA metrics

✅ Insight to upcoming releases

Earned Value Podcast Thumbnail

User Permissions

Enhanced User Permissions are now live. We have introduced several new permissions that will allow for easy navigation and help maximise your control over the platform. This will ensure you are making the most of Gather's capabilities.

✅ Increased control over your account

✅ Improved Productivity

✅ Enhanced Customisation

Sharing Shift Reports using Sitediary

Experience seamless collaboration and effortless sharing of Shift Reports with our innovative Sitediary app. Now, you can generate sleek PDFs on your smartphone or iPad, allowing you to share the details of your shifts within minutes across multiple different platforms.
Say goodbye to lengthy processes and hello to instant, efficient communication!.

✅ Collaborate with Site and Contract Management system

✅ Effortless Sharing

✅ Instant and Efficient Communication

Sharing Shift Reports

Improved Key Insight Reporting for Fatigue Management

We have made some modifications to our reporting for Fatigue Management which means you can now delve deeper into hours worked and understand the effect various shift patterns havehas on Fatigue and Risk scores of an individuals.
Quickly locate Fatigue Risk Assessments, the individual responsible for completing it and the agreed-upon actions.

✅ Identify the effect shift patterns have on Fatigue / Risk Score 

✅ Clear overview of historical exceedances

✅ Clarity to where Risk Assesment FRA have been added against agreed actions

Read more via our Knowledgebase 



Supporting more characters in activity names 

We are delighted to announce the expansion of character limits for activity names in workspace settings, enhancing clarity and organisation for our valued users who are juggling multiple projects or tasks .

Tweaked Fatigue Management Parameters

The alignment of fatigue parameters with the Network Rail standard has optimised the management of fatigue and enhanced consistency.

Reports order by Shift start date as default

Reports on the platform now sort by start date, prioritising it over Network Rail Week number, improving the overall organisation and accessibility.

Read the full release notes here. 


🥁Coming up… 

Calendar View

Calendar View

Get ready to be amazed for our brand new calendar view!  Easily organise and streamline your shifts by filtering them by day, week, or month. This feature allows you to effortlessly view and manage past, present, and future shifts, enhancing your shift management capabilities. Additionally, each shift is colour-tagged based on its status, ensuring that your diaries are always up to date and never miss a submission.

✅ Visual clarity and accuracy

✅ Streamlined shift management 

✅ Efficient shift organisation

Labour Costing

Enhanced Labour Control

Managing hundreds of different people, labour suppliers and roles should not be a hassle. We are changing how this works in Q3, allowing you to create an enhanced labour profile for each person, including key attributes, rates, roles and determining which projects they can work on

✅ Manage labour teams centrally at scale.

✅ Reduced input for site teams.

✅ Real-time labour costing

July 2023 Product Update 🚀

Mia Rutherford

Customer Success

Passionate Customer Success pro in construction technology, elevating user experiences & driving growth. Empowering clients to succeed ! 🚀

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