How Raildiary Is Using Construction Programme Integration To Speed Up Project Management

April 21, 2022
Discover efficient bulk upload capabilities for planned works, simplifying administrative duties and saving time for field and office teams alike.

Here at Raildiary we’ve been working hard to perfect new solutions and features that improve our users’ experience with Sitediary.

Through extensive user research, interviews and testing, we’ve identified some key processes that could be streamlined to cut down the time spent on laborious, administrative tasks both on site and in the office. 

That’s why we’re so excited about our latest feature: Pre-population of planned works.

The pre-population feature allows you to upload your planned works in bulk, rather than filling out each individual shift manually. By directly integrating with your construction management software and importing the details of your project programme, you can be sure that everyone is working from the same information.

So why have we done it?

Essentially, shift pre-population is a time-saving feature. We’ve calculated four key ways that this feature can help:

  • Project Management At Scale
  • Save Field Workers Time On Site
  • Facilitate Easier Project Management
  • Improve Communication Between Site & Office

1 - Project Management At Scale

With this new feature you can pre-populate 100 site diaries in less than 5 minutes.

This significantly cuts down the amount of time spent manually filling out forms within the Sitediary app and, by taking the information directly from your overall project plan, you remove the likelihood of mistakes being made and necessary details being missed.

2 - Save Field Workers Time On Site

With up to 68% of the site diary populated before the shift even begins, on-site workers can spend less time on administration and more time on the work at hand. 

3 - Facilitate Easier Project Management

Integrating your plan with Sitediary bridges the information lag between the construction programme and the works themselves. Information from multiple sources feeds into Sitediary as a central hub for comparison and project management, so you can be sure that everyone is working with the most up to date plans.

Removing the need for information to be manually duplicated and updated on multiple platforms saves time for office-based teams, allowing them to focus on analysis and programme management. 

4 - Improve Communication Between Site & Office

Detailed, up-to-date shift plans are immediately available for everyone on shift so they can quickly communicate any problems, recommendations and expectations to their team. 

In conclusion, Raildiary has been focused on enhancing their users' experience by streamlining their administrative tasks both on site and in the office.

The introduction of their latest feature, Pre-population of planned works, is a significant development that allows for the bulk uploading of planned works, saving time and reducing the likelihood of errors.

This feature not only saves time for field workers on site but also facilitates easier project management, improves communication between site and office and supports project management at scale.

By integrating your construction management software with Sitediary, you can be sure that everyone is working with the most up-to-date plans, ultimately leading to more efficient project delivery.

With this new feature, Raildiary is setting a new standard for project management software and we highly recommend you book your product demonstration today to experience its benefits.

How Raildiary Is Using Construction Programme Integration To Speed Up Project Management

Nick Woodrow

Operations Director

A positive and outcome focused chartered civil engineer with over 20 years spent in a broad range of businesses successfully delivering complex projects & leading teams at C-level.

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