What's New At Gather: February Update 🚀

February 7, 2024
Learn how you can allocate specific start and end times to your labour and plant resources, adding a whole new level of detail to your Shift Records

Tired of juggling multiple team shift times? Now you can allocate specific start and end times to your labour and plant resource, adding a whole new level of detail to your Shift Records.
And that's not all! Remember the awesome Calendar View we released last quarter? 

Well, say hello to iCal integration! Seamlessly add your assigned Shift Records to your personal calendar, making your schedule more accessible than ever.

Resource Times

Capture more accurate resource data by assigning unique Shift Start and End Times for each labour resource within a single Shift Record. Better capture and understand individual shift times, improving cost allocation and fatigue score calculation.  

✅ Simplified resource time recording

✅ Improved accuracy of shift times fatigue scores

✅ Deeper understanding of hours worked 

Resource Times

iCal Integration 

Following the release of Calendar View we have now released iCal integration enabling you to copy over any Shift Records you have created or been assigned into your personal iCal. This was designed to make managing your shifts even more simple by making them available to you in a matter of seconds, without having to open up the app. 

✅ Improved Shift Management 

✅ View all your work on your personal calendar 

✅ Access Gather through iCal 


List Validation

Completing Shift Records just got easier. Key indicators now guide you to essential fields, ensuring accurate and complete information every time. 

Enhanced User Profiles

A small change to User profiles means if you don’t have a profile picture your profile icon will display with the User’s initials as well as being randomly allocated a colour via the platform. 

Check Exceedances Button  

Staying fatigue-compliant just got simpler! Our enhanced Shift Planner now features a "Check Exceedances Button" that automatically flags any potential violations, helping you proactively manage schedules and ensure worker well-being.

What's New At Gather: February Update 🚀

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