SAS use Gather to automate NR/ L2/OHS/003 fatigue compliance

“By converting to the paperless Raildiary platform, we have cut out all the logistics problems involved in our site reporting processes”

Josh Ellaway

Operations Manager

SAS use Gather to automate NR/ L2/OHS/003 fatigue compliance
SAS Rope and Rail
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Kemble Station Overbridge
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SAS Rope and Rail is transforming site operations at Kemble Station with Raildiary, a digital reporting system. This enhances accuracy and efficiency in capturing site data while prioritising fatigue management in line with Network Rail standards, ensuring a safe work environment. These measures enable the SAS team to concentrate on the comprehensive restoration works required for the listed stone railway bridge. The project includes technical tasks such as recasing large sections of the barrel arch using lagging and pinning techniques, as well as replacing key voussoir stones.

The Challenge

Previously, the SAS team were grappling with inefficient processes such as Whatsapp and SMS messages to record and report site events, leading to a communication lag and poor quality, unstructured data. As a result, the team were unable to monitor and manage fatigue levels on-site in real-time, as required by Network Rail’s new Fatigue Management standard. In order to resolve this issue, the forward-thinking team at SAS sought to implement a solution that would provide the entire team with real-time data visualisation, automated risk and fatigue scores, and powerful data-driven insights.

SAS use Gather to automate NR/ L2/OHS/003 fatigue compliance

The Solution

By embracing Raildiary as a digital solution, the innovative team at SAS Rope and Rail have achieved full visibility of their project data in real-time, resulting in a better awareness of on-site activities. The team are now able to view and monitor fatigue levels in real time and make proactive decisions to safeguard the project workforce. 

As office teams are now able to see exactly what is happening on the Kemble Station Overbridge Project, this has resulted in increased collaboration between teams, enabling them to make effective decisions faster.

SAS use Gather to automate NR/ L2/OHS/003 fatigue compliance
“ The fact that we no longer have to send information about what happened on-site via text or email to management has saved a lot of time and has streamlined our operations as now our site and office teams all have a full picture of what has happened on every shift" - Aaron Trinder, Site Supervisor

Automating Fatigue Management to Network Rail Standards 

The innovative team at SAS Rope and Rail are committed to prioritising the safety and well-being of their workforce on site. They understood the importance of investing in a solution which would provide them with timely and accurate fatigue information to ensure their team remain protected in line with the latest Network Rail Standards. That’s where Raildiary comes in!

Raildiary’s data capture capabilities allow for the consistent flow of high-quality fatigue information from teams on site, to office teams enabling them to make informed decisions about worker safety and resource allocation. By implementing Raildiary on all of the shifts at Kemble Station Overbridge the team have access to a complete real-time breakdown of both operative working hours and travel times, facilitating the implementation of proactive safety measures.

Raildiary’s automated collation and analysis of essential fatigue data has also been instrumental in identifying at-risk workers and potential risks on site. This allows the SAS Rope and Rail team to swiftly flag any potential issues and take corrective action before they become unsafe and potentially dangerous problems. Additionally, using the Shift Planner feature, the SAS team have been able to incorporate forecasted fatigue and risk scores into worker rosters, further mitigating worker risk and promoting a safe working environment for the team. 

“Raildiary provides us with a full breakdown of operative working hours and travel hours at regular intervals. This allows us to be notified of any potential issues and immediately flag any issues immediately which allows us to make sure all fatigue is being managed to the new Network Rail standards" - Josh Ellaway, Operations Manager

Decreasing Admin Times With Digital Document Signing

 Raildiary’s site documents feature has been a game-changer for the SAS Rope and Rail team. By enabling teams to upload all necessary site documents directly to team devices, Raildiary enables all site workers can view, sign and comment on important documents in real-time. 

Thanks to this feature, the team at Kemble Station Overbridge has become more efficient than ever before! Long gone are the days of dealing with outdated paperwork, damaged records and poor data collection as this is replaced with one simple-to-use digital solution. With the ability to see when documents were created, uploaded, viewed and signed, site and office teams can stay up to date, which eliminates the need for lengthy administrative tasks at the end of each shift. 

Raildiary’s offline capability also ensures that team members can access and sign documents from any location without losing functionality. Once the internet connection is restored, all data inputted automatically syncs to the cloud with date and time stamps. Not only has this feature allowed the SAS Rope and Rail team to keep a fully auditable data trail of the Kemble Station Overbridge project, but it has also saved the team a vast amount of time and money associated with traditional document management solutions. 

In conclusion, the Kemble Station Overbridge project has been transformed by implementing Raildiary as a digital solution. Through this, the innovative team at SAS Rope and Rail have achieved complete visibility of their project data in real-time which has resulted in increased collaboration between site and office teams. 

The SAS Rope and Rail team have prioritised the safety and well-being of their workforce by automating fatigue management in accordance with the latest Network Rail standard. The team have also been able to decrease administrative time by using Raildiary’s Site Documents feature which has resulted in a more efficient and auditable data trail for the project to be created.