Gather drives seamless communication between Cleshar and TFL

"Raildiary revolutionises communication and contract management on 4LM. With standardised reporting and improved data quality, seamless collaboration and efficient decision-making are achieved.

Nick Mansall

Senior Project Manager CPC Systems

Gather drives seamless communication between Cleshar and TFL
Cleshar Contract Services Limited
Project Type
4LM ATC Cable Installation to SMA13: Work Package B
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Cleshar Contract Services Limited, a contractor working with Transport for London, has successfully implemented Raildiary to standardise reporting and enhance data quality for their 4LM ATC Cable Installation project. Raildiary has provided the Cleshar team with real-time commercial analytics allowing them to improve collaboration and enable efficient decision-making.

The Challenge

Cleshar Contract Services Limited, in collaboration with Transport for London, embarked on the 4LM ATC Cable Installation project with the aim of streamlining reporting and improving overall project efficiency. Recognizing the challenges faced in achieving collaboration and a common narrative across projects, Cleshar made the strategic decision to adopt Raildiary as their solution. By leveraging Raildiary's capabilities, Cleshar sought to standardise reporting processes, effectively capture and utilise shift data, and gain valuable real-time commercial insights. 

Prior to implementing Raildiary, Cleshar encountered difficulties in ensuring a consistent and efficient process for capturing essential project data, including resource allocation, activities, working times, and delays. This data was scattered across various sources such as WhatsApp groups, email threads, and Microsoft Word documents, resulting in fragmented information and the need for a standardised solution.

Gather drives seamless communication between Cleshar and TFL

The Solution

By adopting Raildiary, Cleshar Contract Services Limited successfully established a consistent and streamlined reporting process across the 4LM project, fostering seamless collaboration and a shared understanding of project activities. Leveraging Raildiary's robust features and functionality, Cleshar effectively captured and consolidated data in a standardised manner, ensuring a cohesive narrative throughout the entire project lifecycle. Raildiary's comprehensive capabilities not only facilitated efficient data capture but also enabled Cleshar to unlock the full potential of shift data by providing real-time insights. 

Leveraging Raildiary's advanced analytics and reporting tools, Cleshar gained invaluable commercial insights that served as a foundation for data-driven decision-making. This enhanced visibility into project progress, resource allocation, and potential inefficiencies empowered Cleshar to proactively identify and address issues, optimise project performance, and drive overall project efficiency to new heights.

Gather drives seamless communication between Cleshar and TFL
"Raildiary has transformed contract management for 4LM. As the Senior Project Manager at CPC Systems, I've seen the seamless communication and enhanced efficiency it brings. With standardised reporting and real-time insights, Raildiary enables us to collaborate effectively, make informed decisions, and optimize resource allocation. It's become an invaluable tool for enhancing our contract management processes, driving project success, and exceeding client expectations." - Nick Mansell, Senior Project Manager, CPC Systems

Standardising Reporting to Improve Data Quality

By implementing Raildiary, Cleshar's commercial team successfully standardised inputs from contractors, consolidating them into a unified cloud-based platform. This transformative approach had a profound impact on the quality and consistency of the collected data, delivering clean datasets that could be easily collated, queried, and presented. Leveraging Raildiary's powerful Shift Planner function, the reporting process was further streamlined as Shift Records were pre-populated in advance, reducing the time required to complete a full site diary by more than 50%. This significant time saving not only enhanced efficiency but also fostered greater engagement and adoption among the teams on-site.

The adoption of Raildiary also unlocked structured commercial intelligence, offering a comprehensive database of all resources involved in the project and a detailed log of safety issues. This invaluable resource empowered Cleshar to better plan and prepare for future works, as well as facilitate collaboration across different project facets. With the data collected through Raildiary, Cleshar gained a deeper understanding of project dynamics, enabling them to make informed decisions and optimise resource allocation effectively.

Visualising Project Progress With Powerful Data-Led Insights 

Recognising the detrimental impact of administrative processes on project progress, Cleshar proactively addressed the challenge of processing site data by leveraging the capabilities of Raildiary. By adopting Raildiary, project managers gained instant access to comprehensive cable installation histories, providing detailed insights into installers, locations, timing, and equipment used. This real-time access to critical information revolutionised the decision-making process, eliminating the arduous task of sorting through paper reports and significantly expediting the identification of inefficiencies.

Raildiary's robust data-led insights proved invaluable to Cleshar, enabling them to make well-informed decisions promptly. The platform's advanced analytics empowered the project team to detect and address inefficiencies swiftly, enhancing overall project performance. By harnessing Raildiary's capabilities, Cleshar fostered effective collaboration across various project facets, creating a seamless workflow for addressing site issues in a timely manner.

The timely capture and collection of site data further fortified collaboration and facilitated proactive decision-making. Raildiary's user-friendly mobile app allowed for easy and efficient data capture, empowering on-site teams to document information and capture essential details effortlessly. The seamless integration of Raildiary into the project workflow ensured that valuable data was accurately recorded, promoting better planning and minimising the likelihood of recurring mistakes, allowing the project team to maximise productivity opportunities.

The successful implementation of Raildiary by Cleshar Contract Services Limited for the 4LM ATC Cable Installation to SMA13: Work Package B project has brought about transformative improvements in reporting standardisation, data quality, and project efficiency. Raildiary's robust features and real-time commercial analytics have empowered the Cleshar team to enhance collaboration, make informed decisions, and drive project success. Recognising the challenges of achieving collaboration and a common narrative across projects, Cleshar's strategic adoption of Raildiary addressed the need for a standardised solution. 

The utilisation of Raildiary's powerful analytics and reporting tools allowed Cleshar to unlock the full potential of shift data. Real-time access to detailed cable installation history enabled prompt decision-making and eliminated the cumbersome task of sorting through paper reports. Raildiary's insights empowered Cleshar to proactively identify and address inefficiencies, optimise resource allocation, and drive overall project efficiency to new heights.